Which renaissance artwork is a sculpture?: Lightspeed Quiz

Microsoft Bing Homepage Lightspeed Quiz question [3-23-2022]: Which renaissance artwork is a sculpture?

The given options are as follows:

  • David, Donatello
  • Primavera, Botticelli
  • Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci
  • Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci

The correct answer is: David, Donatello

Other correct answers are as follows:

  • Jonah, Lorenzetto
  • Hercules and Cacus, Bendinelli
  • Pieta, Michelangelo
  • Perseus and Medusa, Cellini

If your quiz has none of the above correct answers, you can check the following list for the correct answer.

Some of the renaissance sculpture artworks (artist: artwork):

  • Bartolommeo Bandinelli: Hercules and Cacus
  • Donatello: St. George
  • Nanni di Banco: Quattro santi coronati
  • Lorenzo Ghiberti: Gates of Paradise
  • Jacopo della Quercia: The Creation of Eve
  • Donatello: David
  • Donatello: Judith and Holofernes
  • Antonio Pollaiuolo: Hercules and Antaeus
  • Andrea del Verrocchio: equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni
  • Antonio Pollaiuolo: Hercules and Antaeus
  • Michelangelo: Pietà
  • Michelangelo: David
  • Michelangelo: Moses
  • Michelangelo: tomb of Giuliano de’ Medici
  • Michelangelo: Slaves
  • Michelangelo: St. Petronius
  • Michelangelo: Madonna of Bruges
  • Benvenuto Cellini: Perseus
  • Michelangelo: Cristo della Minerva
  • Giambologna: Mercury
  • Adriaen de Vries: Psyche with Three Cupids
  • Jean Goujon: Fountain of the Innocents
  • Germain Pilon: gisants of Catherine de’ Medici and Henry II

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Today’s “Microsoft Rewards Bing Lightspeed Quiz” has four questions related to the renaissance. Each question has only one correct answer and carries 10 points. The wrong answer does not earn any points. So, select only the correct answers.

Find the answers to all four “Lightspeed Quiz” questions by clicking the following links to those questions:

  1. Which painter was active during the renaissance?
  2. Which king ruled between 1400-1600, during the renaissance?
  3. Which invention was conceived during the renaissance?
  4. Which renaissance artwork is a sculpture?

If you find other answers, please mention them in the comment.

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