Vladimir Putin was stripped of his black belt in

Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz [3-4-2022] Question: Vladimir Putin was stripped of his black belt in…

The given options are as follows:

  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Krav Maga
  • Jujutsu

The correct answer is: Tae Kwon Do

Today’s “Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz” has ten questions related to the latest news. Each question has only one correct answer and carries one point. The wrong answer does not earn any points. So, select only the correct answers.

All ten questions of today’s Bing News Quiz are the followings:

  1. The cargo ship Felicity Ace sank in the north Atlantic, taking $400 million worth of what with it?
  2. Vladimir Putin was stripped of his black belt in…
  3. Colorado became the first state to accept which form of payment for taxes?
  4. Which of these Nordic nations is not seeing revived public debate about joining NATO?
  5. Eight states are collaborating to investigate the health impacts of what on children?
  6. Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider gave his blessing to Ukrainians using which of his songs as a battle cry?
  7. A workers’ strike caused massive disruptions to which mass transit system?
  8. Researchers established the Thylacine Integrated Genetic Restoration Research Lab, which aims to resurrect which extinct creature?
  9. Clips from a language-dubbed release of ‘Paddington’ went viral, after fans realized the title bear was voiced by…
  10. A large-scale trial found the drug baricitinib reduced risk of death in COVID-19 patients by 20%. What is baricitinib typically used to treat?

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