‘👁 ♥ 🧩 🗓’ is an example of what type of puzzle?

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz [1-29-2022] Question: ‘👁 ♥ 🧩 🗓’ is an example of what type of puzzle?

The given options are as follows:

  • Cryptogram
  • Rebus
  • Droodle

The correct answer is: Rebus

Fact: Rebus puzzles get their name from the Latin phrase Non verbis, sed rebus (Not by words but by things). Common in ancient Greece and Rome, and even more popular in the Middle Ages, rebus puzzles use images to represent words or syllables, together forming a message. For example, the rebus puzzle in this quiz question means, ‘I love Puzzle Day.’

Today’s [1-29-2022] “Microsoft Rewards Bing Quiz” has three questions. Each question has only one correct answer and carries one point. The wrong answer does not earn any points. So, select only the correct answers.

All three questions of today’s Bing Quiz are the followings:

  1. What are we seeing in this puzzling image?
  2. ‘👁 ♥ 🧩 🗓’ is an example of what type of puzzle?
  3. Two of these three puzzles are impossible to solve. Which is the only solvable one?

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